Loving what Is!


Loving what is! The beauty of the present moment…

California, matcha latte, feeling comfortable in my own skin!
I find that I ‪#‎shinetrue‬ when I appreciate where I’m at and what is happening in the moment, even when it’s not perfect.
If you look at my picture, you’ll notice, it’s NOT perfect. See all those boxes behind me? Not Instagram worthy really…
Here’s the thing though, I couldn’t see the boxes when the picture was taken, I didn’t care about the boxes in the least. I was happy for being with a dear friend in a delightful restaurant, enjoying delicious food in my Soul Home that is California. I was feeling more of myself then I have in the last couple of years : vibrant, radiant, feminine and empowered. I was in the moment!
Savouring every drop of joy and pleasure that came my way : sun, ocean, beach, friendship, sensuality, spontaneity…
What do you love in the present moment?
#shinetrue ‪#‎bepresent‬

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