The essence of Shine True


Photograph by Helmut Newton, Remixer unknown

David Bowie represented for me the ESSENCE of what it is to Shine True… He had his own way and he followed his path, even though it didn’t fit with the culture and social rules of the time.
Reading a post, where Bowie speaks of dreaming in technicolor and not always making the distinction between the dreamtime and reality, is a reminder that a new reality can only emerge from a different energy then the energy of our current reality.
I’ve been questioning how much dreaming I’ve been doing lately… I realized I haven’t dreamed much, “stuck” in my reality and my perception of it’s “permanence”… What a lie that is, really!!!

What a liberation… Going back to dreaming and nourishing my desires, so a new “reality” can emerge : Beach house, warm country, ocean, surfing and loving partner!

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